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Our Vision




Our commitment is to conduct business in an ethical manner; our core values convey our organisational beliefs:

Professional – in our approach to business, with expert presence;

Innovative – in creating new solutions;

Agile - quick to respond and make decisions;

Results focused - focusing on the delivery of value and the job in hand;

Risk aware - assessing options for alternative strategies.

Our brands signify consistency, reliability and employee commitment


CityFox Group and it's companies actively encourage the use of public transport instead of private vehicles by offering low-cost fares alongside a high-value service. We feel that, by encouraging people out of their cars onto our buses and taxis, we can do our bit to help the environment in which we and our customers live.


CityFox Group recognises its responsibility to limit the impact of its vehicles on the environment. Exhaust fumes comprising (but not limited to) Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen (N) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are the major contributors to pollution from our vehicles.


CityFox Group aims to decrease its impact on the environment by constantly updating its fleet to newer, more fuel efficient and less polluting vehicles.


Our core Values, Vision and Environment