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Latest News:

28/03/2018 CityFox Group invests in more new vehicles for Bristol & Yeovil

05/03/2018 Snowdonia Travel Limited appoints Operations Manager

02/02/2018 Central Road Taxis joins CityFox Group

05/01/2018 CityFox Group appoints a new Compliance Officer

04/01/2018 CityFox Group Acquires Fyine's Taxis, South Gloucestershire

03/09/2017 Orders for new vehciles are placed with Dacia UK and Citroen

25/08/2017 AirConnect launches service to Bristol Airport

12/06/2017 WiFi and USB charging fitted to our Bristol fleet

03/04/2017 CityFox Group rolls out card, contactless and Apple Pay systems in Bristol

07/12/2016 CityFox Bus To Run Bristol Route

16/11/2016 CityFox Group Expands From Bristol To North Wales

14/09/2016 CityFox Group In Tie-Up With ConnexionsBuses

17/07/2016 Oxford Bus Company Runs In Bristol For CityFox Bus

06/07/2016 Phil Stockley Appointed As Group Development Director

05/04/2016 New Vehicles In Bristol

01/04/2016 Annual Report

02/02/2016 CityFox Taxis Launches In Bath

03/12/2015 CityFox Bus To Operate Christmas Bus Service

20/11/2015 Nicholas Siddaway Appointed As Group Finance Director

07/11/2015 CityFox Group Acquires Fareride Taxis Bristol

05/08/2015 CityFox Group Launches CityFox Taxis In Bristol

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