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CityFox Group Overview

CityFox provides a range of transport solutions, from local Bus services either commercial or under contract to local authorities, hackney and private hire Taxi services, Driver Hire and Transportation Management.

CityFox Group is a limited company, whose companies are in the business of bus, coach, taxi and transport management services.


The operations are undertaken by various offices throughout the United Kingdom, but focused on local passenger transport.


Our vision is "to acquire complementary businesses in transportation management or businesses providing local bus, coach or taxi services”


Since starting CityFox Group, we have acquired Snowdonia Travel Ltd and the assets and brand of Fareride Taxis Ltd. Since,CityFox Group started CityFox Bus Ltd and CityFox Taxis Limited, operating 60+ licensed hackney and private hire vehicles in the Bristol & Bath markets.


CityFox now operates in three key areas:


• Bus

• Taxi

• Transport/Event Management


CityFox has over 60 vehicles, employing some 80 local people in our chosen areas of operation.

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